Welcome to comicolorist


I’m Tim. What do I do here? Well, coloring comics.
Obviously.  🙂

Digital Coloring

I began coloring comics in the mid-90s. Photoshop was a natural fit for coloring on the computer. My first published work was in 1998 with Warp Graphics’ Elfquest: Dreamtime. It only went up from there. And I still use Photoshop as my main tool for adding life to comics art.

Original Projects

As an artist, I’ve created a few things over the years that I’ve colored. Webcomics. Merchandise designs. One-shots. Pin-ups. Usually if I draw something, it eventually gets colored. And all of that work (and practice) makes for better products for you.

Multi-page Comics

Are you an artist and writing team that is looking for a colorist for your comics project? Good, you’re in the right place. I’d love to talk to you! My services are available for any comics project. Hit me up and we’ll get the conversation rolling.


Established 1994.

I began coloring in 1994, working on pin-up style pieces. Then in 1997, while working as the designer and content wrangler on the Elfquest.com project for Warp Graphics, the crew there thought it would be cool to take one of the recent black and white Elfquest comics and make an exclusive color version for the website. We decided on the Dreamtime segment of the story and for the next few months, I worked on researching the colors and working on flats, finally getting the colors done live from the exhibit hall floor at San Diego Comic-Con the next year. I was later contracted to work on the color version of Dreamtime for the European market. My first professional published gig… and the rest, as they say…



Pin-ups and One-shots

Probably the most common type of coloring project that I’ve done, typically a single page or character. Usually things that people want to use in ads and the like.  If you have some line art that you’d like colored, send me a message. I can help.

For Rent or Long-Term Lease

So, now for the real reason why you’re here. You’re looking for a colorist? Look no further. If you like my styles, I’m looking for projects large or small. If you want to see some samples of my work, you can check out the Gallery page. When you’re ready, send me a message from my Contact page and let’s see where we can go together. I’m ready for a journey. Let’s go together.


Download My Portfolio Book

Want to see my portfolio offline? You can download it in a nice PDF format and peruse it at your leisure. It’s around 20MB, so it’ll take a minute to download, but it’ll be worth it. Go ahead and download it now. I’ll wait. 🙂